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  • David L. Dill: Professor, Computer Science
    verification of system designs
  • John Etchemendy: Professor, Philosophy (currently: Provost)
    logic, semantics, philosophy of language
  • Solomon Feferman: Professor (Emeritus), Mathematics and Philosophy
    proof theory, theory of computation, foundations of mathematics, history of modern logic
  • Michael R. Genesereth: Professor, Computer Science
    automated reasoning, knowledge base integration
  • Noah Goodman: Assistant Professor, Psychology
    computational models of cognition, integrating logic and probability
  • Daphne Koller: Associate Professor, Computer Science
    reasoning under uncertainty
  • Zohar Manna: Professor, Computer Science
    verification of real-time and hybrid systems
  • Christopher Manning: Professor, Computer Science and Linguistics
    natural language processing, syntactic theory, probabilistic approaches
  • Grigori Mints: Professor of Philosophy, Mathematics (b.c.) and Computer Science (b.c.)
    proof theory, foundations of mathematics
  • John Mitchell: Professor, Computer Science
    programming languages, security
  • Stanley Peters: Professor, Linguistics
    logical analysis of meaning in natural languages and computational processing thereof
  • Chris Potts: Associate Professor, Linguistics
    semantics, pragmatics, and computational methods for linguistic research
  • Vaughan Pratt: Professor (Emeritus), Computer Science
    foundations of concurrency, linear logic, Chu spaces, logics of geometry
  • Patrick Suppes: Professor (Emeritus), Philosophy
    philosophy of science, natural-language learning interface for robotic systems
  • Yoav Shoham: Associate Professor, Computer Science
    rational behaviour, multiagent systems
  • Johan van Benthem: Professor, Philosophy
    philosophy of logic, modal and dynamic logic
  • Thomas Wasow: Professor, Linguistics and Philosophy
    language processing, syntactic theory, linguistic methodology
  • Edward N. Zalta: Consulting Professor, Philosophy
    philosophy of language and intensional logic

PhD Students


  • David Barker-Plummer: CSLI
    graphical reasoning
  • Keith Devlin: CSLI
    using mathematical techniques to study language, communication, and information
  • Tomohiro Hoshi: CSLI/EPGY
    logic, formal epistemology, and philosophy of mathematics and logic
  • David Israel: SRI
    natural language processing, representing and reasoning
  • Rick Sommer: CSLI/EPGY
    mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics
  • Carolyn L. Talcott: Computer Science
    semantics of programming languages


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