Department of Mathematics
Spring quarter 1998


Apr 7 T. Strahm (Bern, visiting Stanford)
Recent results in metapredicative proof theory, II

Apr 14 R. Kahle (Univ. of Tübingen, visiting Stanford)
Universes over Frege structures

Apr 28 G. Mints (Stanford)
Interpolation theorems for intuitionistic predicate logic

May 5 S. Feferman (Stanford)
Logic, Logics, and Logicism

May 12 G. Mints (Stanford)
Reductions of finite and infinite proofs

May 19 S. Tupailo (Stanford)
Finitary reductions for local predicativity, II:
recursively Mahlo ordinals

June 2 J. van Benthem (Stanford and Amsterdam)
Information Transfer in Chu Spaces

The seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 4:15 PM in the room 381-T, Mathematics Department (building 380).


Apr 24 M. Balaguer (Cal State, Los Angeles)
A fictionalist account of the indispensable applications of mathematics

May 1 J. Corcoran (SUNY Buffalo)
Information-theoretic logic and transformation-theoretic logic

May 8 L. Anderson (Stanford)
Contextualizing Kant's Philosophy of Mathematics

May 15 J. van Benthem (Stanford and Amsterdam)
Deconstructing Tarski's Semantics for Predicate Logic,
or: the secret world of decidable first-order logics

June 5 K. St. John (Santa Clara University)
Random Bit Strings
(12:15 PM, Room 381-T)

Logic lunch takes place on Fridays at 12:00 PM in the room 383-N, Mathematics Department (building 380).


May 7 A. Macintyre (Oxford and Edinburgh, visiting MSRI)
Exponential-algebraic real numbers, Schanuel's Conjecture, and The Decision Problem for Real Exponentiation

June 9 E. Hrushovski (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, visiting MSRI)
The geometry of difference equations

Department of Mathematics Colloquium takes place on Thursdays at 4:15 PM in the room 380-W, Mathematics Department (building 380).

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