Winter Quarter 2007

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Jan 19 John Steel (UC Berkeley)
Generic Absoluteness and the Continuum Problem
(time: noon, room: 60-62J)

Feb 2 Martin Davis (Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley. Professor Emeritus, NYU)
Von Neumann as a Logician
(time: noon, room: 60-62J)

Feb 12 Bas Spitters (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Constructive Analysis, Types and Exact Real Numbers
(time: noon, room: 60-62J)

Mar 2 Hugh Woodin (UC Berkeley)
In Search of V
(time: noon, room: 60-62J)

Mar 6 Jeffery Zucker (Department of Computing, McMaster University)
Fixed-Point Semantics for Analog Networks
(time: 4:15pm, room: 380-380W)

Mar 9 Wilfried Sieg (Carnegie Mellon University)
Gödel's Challenge (to Turing): The human mind infinitely surpasses any finite machine
(time: noon, room: 60-62J)


The talks in this seminar are in a joint collaboration with Logical Methods in Humanities.

Jan 30 Grigori Mints (Stanford University)
Proof Serach Tree and Cut Elimination
(time: 4:15pm, room: 380-380W)

Feb 6 David Fernandez (Stanford University)
Non-deterministic Semantics for Dynamic Topological Logic
(time: 4:15pm, room: 380-380W)

Feb 13 Bas Spitters (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Almost Periodic Functions Constructively
(time: 4:15pm, room: 380-380W)

Feb 27 Jesse Alama (Stanford University)
Problems and Prospects for Computer-Checked Formal Proofs
(time: 4:15, room: 380-380W)

Mar 13 William Tait (University of Chicago)
Elimination of Cuts in Pi^1_1-CA with the omega-Rule
(time: 4:15pm, room: 380-380W)

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