Department of Mathematics
Winter quarter 2003


Jan 7 Vladimir Lifschitz (University of Texas)
Equivalent Transformations of Logic Programs

Jan 14 Ting Zhang (Stanford)
A paper "The first order properties of products of algebraic systems" by S. Feferman and R. Vaught

Jan 21 Edward A. Hirsch (Steklov Institute of Mathematics, St. Petersburg)
Complexity of semi-algebraic propositional proof systems

Feb 4 Ting Zhang (Stanford)
Decidability of integer multiplication and ordinal addition:
Two applications of the Feferman-Vaught Theory

Feb 25 Henry Towsner (Stanford)
A Realizability Interpretation for Classical Second Order Arithmetic

Seminars this quarter are on Tuesdays at 4:15PM
in room 380:381T (Math building).


Jan 17 Edward Keenan (University of California, Los Angeles)
Some Logical Properties of Natural Language Quantifiers

Feb 7 Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam and Stanford)
'One is a lonely number':
some recent trends in the logic of communication

Feb 14 Michael Friedman (Stanford)
Kant's Philosophy of Mathematics in Perspective

Feb 21 Geoffrey K. Pullum (University of Califoria, Santa Cruz)
On the thesis that human languages are infinite

Feb 28 G. Mints (Stanford)
A formalization of an approach to modality suggested by C. Peacocke

Mar 7 Branden Fitelson (San Jose State University)
A User-Friendly Decision Procedure for the Probability Calculus, with Some Applications to Bayesian Philosophy of Science

Mar 14 Mark van Atten (Leuven)
On Gödel's philosophical development

Logic lunch takes place on Fridays at 12:00 PM in room 383-N,
Mathematics Department (building 380).


Department of Mathematics Colloquium takes place on Thursdays at 4:15 PM in the room 380-W, Mathematics Department (building 380).

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