Department of Mathematics
Spring quarter 2004


Apr 6 G. Mints (Stanford)
Dynamic Topological Logic. Past Results, Recent Counterexamples

Apr 13 Johan van Benthem (Stanford and Amsterdam)
Survey of logics of space

Apr 20 Johan van Benthem (Stanford and Amsterdam)
Topological completeness theorems for modal logic

Apr 27 Darko Sarenac (Stanford)
Topological logics on product spaces

May 4 Jesse Alama (EPGY)
Tarski's Elementary Geometry

May 11 Lev D. Beklemishev (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, and Onderzoeker, University of Utrecht)
Provability algebras and combinatorial independence results

May 18 Makoto Tatsuta (National Institute of Informatics)
Martin-Lof's type theory with permutative reductions

May 25 Michael Beeson
Lambda logic

June 1 Sara Negri
Internalised Kripke semantics and proof analysis in modal logic

Seminars this quarter are on Tuesdays at 4:15PM
in room 380:380F (Math building).


Apr 2 Michael Hallett (McGill University)
Reflections on ``purity of method" in Hilbert's Grundlagen der Geometrie

Apr 16 Angela Potochnik (Stanford University)
The Evolution of Syntax in Wittgenstein's Philosophy
Patrick Girard and Darko Sarenac (Stanford University)
Preservationism meets modal logic; a property based approach to modal logic.

May 25 Christopher Martin (Auckland University)
Formal Consequence in Scotus and Ockham
(3PM -4PM in 20-22K)

Jun 1 Audrey Yap (Stanford University)
Quadratic Reciprocity and the Theory of Congruences
(3PM - 4PM in 20-22K)

Jun 11 Andrew Arana (Stanford University)
The Epistemic Value of Purity

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Department of Mathematics Colloquium takes place on Thursdays at 4:15 PM in the room 380-W, Mathematics Department (building 380).

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