Department of Mathematics
Autumn quarter 2002


Oct 1 Andrew Arana (Stanford)
Complexity, arithmetic, and independence

Oct 8 Natarajan Shankar (SRI)
Little Engines of Proof

Oct 22 Menahem Kojman (Ben Gurion University)
Continuous Ramsey theory and covering the plane by functions
(Room 380-380W)

Oct 29 Harald Ruess (SRI International CS Lab)
On the classical logic-automaton connection and some recent extensions

Nov 12 Vijay Ganesh and Sergey Berezin (Stanford)
Decision Procedures for Presburger Arithmetic: Automata basedmethods and ILP

Dec 3 Monica VanDieren (Stanford)
Classification theory for Abstract Elementary Classes

Seminars this quarter are on Tuesdays at 4:15PM
in room 380:381T (Math building).


Oct 4 G. Mints, T. Zhang (Stanford)
A proof of topological completeness for S4 in (0,1)

Oct 11 Martin Davis (UC Berkeley)
Gödel's Developing Platonism

Oct 25 Menahem Kojman (Ben Gurion University)
The infinite binomial and some applications
(Room 380-380W)

Nov 8 Geert Keil (Humboldt Univ, Berlin)
Science itself Teaches: A Fresh Look at Quine's Metaphilosophy

Nov 15 Andrew Arana (Stanford)
Purity and mathematical explanation

Nov 22 William W. Tait
Proof-theoretic semantics for classical mathematics

Dec 6 Tony Martin (UCLA)
A Suggestion about the Logic of Vagueness

Logic lunch takes place on Fridays at 12:00 PM in room 383-N,
Mathematics Department (building 380).


Department of Mathematics Colloquium takes place on Thursdays at 4:15 PM in the room 380-W, Mathematics Department (building 380).

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